Bunaken Beach Resort - Diving and relaxing in Bunaken National Park

Friendly and relaxed atmosphere in an authentic tropical environment

Bunaken Beach Resort is a small resort with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, comfortable accommodations and a professional dive center located on Bunaken island, off-shore from Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Next to diving in one of the world's top diving destinations we offer relaxation in an authentic tropical environment. Our resort is equipped with modern facilities and we have our own private beach with a beautiful sea view and mountainous mainland in the background where amazing sunrises can be enjoyed every morning.

Bunaken sunrise

Professional Dive Center

Explore the amazing underwater world of Bunaken National Park with our professional dive center and comfortable and large dive boat.


Comfortable Accommodations

At our resort we offer accommodations varying from bungalows to more basic rooms, all with a private terrace and a hammock to spend a lazy afternoon in the tropics.


Bunaken National Park

Bunaken island is located in the heart of the famous Bunaken National Park, a home to some of Indonesia's finest coral reefs.